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Enhancing product development capabilities towards designing for the service lifecycle.

CAD-IT support for the service engineering space is founded upon our well-established experience of working with manufacturers towards ensuring that product engineering continually improves the product's performance in its service lifecycle. Service lifecycle success is measured both in terms of OEM profits, and in terms of end-user satisfaction with the product and its associated service experience. The emphasis is always upon adding capabilities and developing processes within product development.

This work is carried out by CAD-IT service engineer consultants; qualified CADPLM specialists with a background in process engineering and 'hands-on' product serviceability appropriate to the industry in which they are deployed. These specialists join a client's service or product development community and establish or enhance processes and capabilities that provide service engineering support for product development, and that enable the client's service community to engage more effectively with product development through the medium of the client's CADPDM toolset.

In this capacity, our engineers do whatever it takes, from convening liaison meetings, designing and delivering CADPDM training programmes, introducing a voice for service into product development forums where it previously did not exist, or supporting the client's development of PLM processes and strategy, to taking responsibility for monitoring and developing the service repairability for one or more nominated systems through a product's development and driving and leading all collaboration between service and product development communities in support of this.

Working with a client, CAD-IT service engineers will always seek to put the same key elements in place in the client's PLM processes and IT toolsets:


Service CAD geometry

Visualising service requirements in product development

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Reducing Service Tools

Reducing dependancy on special service tools

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Service in product strategy

'Service Lifecycle Management' means a service lifecycle strategy

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Case study

Support to avert warranty losses stemming from a late design change

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