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Qualified support for integrating CAD-IT software solutions.

In many organisations data that supports a product's service lifecycle is created and managed in a range of niche solutions. These data repositories with limited or zero interconnectivity pose problems for manufacturers both in terms of data dissemination and sharing between enterprise departments and activities, and in terms of managing change control.

Any CAD-IT solution seeks to break down these silos to whatever extent the customer feels comfortable with and to whatever extent is practically manageable.

In simple cases, Teamcenter Content Management introduces the capability for technical publications data to be integrated into product change control processes that are second nature where product development is supported by tools such as Teamcenter Engineering. This kind of integration serves to ensure that, in tandem with product development, documentation development facilitates faster time-to-market, reduced costs and reuse, efficiency, improved quality, and responsiveness to product changes.

In a full service-lifecycle-management integration a single part number in the Teamcenter manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) will be used to support configuration control, execute maintenance activities and track the lifetime use of these various applications of the part. To achieve this each part number is appended with logistics control numbers that serve to track each individual end item as a hardware item, and in terms of its function. With Teamcenter MRO this metadata is then used across the enterprise by all business functions, including engineering, purchasing and manufacturing, allowing a single enterprise-wide change process that can effectively drive information both upstream and downstream and that will provide effective lifecycle management.

Whatever the degree of integration, CAD-IT can help. Our support can facilitate:


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Faster document creation

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