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Innovative support and services towards better returns and best-in-class methods.

CAD-IT provides consulting services, qualified operational personnel, and outsourced solutions for enhancement and delivery of technical publications deliverables including:

The emerging consensus across industrial sectors shows that class-leading companies are adopting integrated approaches towards service lifecycle management and product lifecycle management, bringing together and leveraging product data and product-data attributes with aftermarket deliverables and service lifecycle processes.

Profit-effective methods for the creation of technical publications within a greater service-lifecycle-management context focus on process connectivity between traditionally 'upstream' product development processes in the PLM arena and traditionally 'downstream' aftermarket deliverables' preparation processes; content configuration management; leveraging 3D CAD data to eliminate late delivery risks; and re-use of information across multiple publications deliverables and between OEM products through the application of standards such as DITA or S1000D.

This integration is beneficial not only for service-lifecycle readiness and service-lifecycle process management; it also amplifies the service-lifecycle sensitivity of the product development process itself, making the end-product more profitable in its aftermarket lifetime.

CAD-IT services for technical publications are cost-focused and concentrate on working with your existing CADPDM toolset. We will only recommend the incorporation of additional SLM tools when we can demonstrate clear efficiency- and cost-savings. Where we are engaged, we expect to help you deliver a step-change, reducing cost and improving quality.


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