Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Move your business forward into the Digital Age. By consuming your existing 3D content, our solution offers realistic interaction with virtual content and integration of digital content into the real world.

There has been a polar shift in the last 10 years in how we access information. More and more there is a demand to access information faster and more directly. With our Mixed Reality solutions we help technicians and customers of your products to achieve this.

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    Using Augmented Reality technicians can complete procedures live and on the vehicle using Augmented Reality devices, this provides training and a 'live' system to work along. with. This reduces ambiguity and errors and provides 'just in time' training, this alleviates issues found with the de-skilling of knowledge from point of learning to point of practice.

  • Customers will be benefit by not having to sift through documentation to get the information required, automatic interaction with their smart phone or tablet and the product will automatically bring up the information they require.

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Create your own augmented reality solutions with existing 3D content
  • Foo 60 Days
  • Bar Scoping Workshop
  • Baz Authoring Support
  • Acceptance Workshop


Accelerate industrial procedures with your own ready to use AR solutions
  • Foo 60 Days
  • Bar Scoping Workshop
  • Baz Authoring Support
  • Acceptance Workshop


Implement and optimize your AR solutions at scale for continuous success
  • Foo 6 Months
  • Bar Scoping Workshop
  • Baz Authoring Support
  • Acceptance Workshop
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RE'FLEKT's Augmented Reality Ecosystem makes the maintenance and operation of complex machinery and equipment as easy as using a simple kitchen appliance.

Through our partnership with RE’FLEKT we can enable businesses to create their own in-house Augmented and Mixed Reality applications. By making AR and VR affordable and scalable for business, RE’FLEKT’s ground­breaking platforms empower anyone to simply infuse their industry knowledge into customized AR and MR solutions.

RE’FLEKT’s solutions can empower your staff and customers with instant expert knowledge to train, install, operate, maintain or fix anything – anywhere.


REFLEKT ONE: an easy-to-use Augmented Reality content platform that enables the creation of interactive technical documentation for maintenance, operations and training, based on existing CAD data.

Features & Benefits

  • Links digital content to real-world objects with advanced 2D and 3D tracking
  • Enables Technicians to provide high service quality and increase first time fix rates
  • Create interactive manuals without coding
  • Utilize existing XML authoring tools
  • Re-use existing 2D & 3D/CAD data from existing technical documentation
  • Integrates with existing enterprise infrastructures
  • Technicians can make evidence-based decisions using IoT sensor data
  • Turn paper-based manuals into interactive guides for Android, iOS, Windows and smart glasses
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REFLEKT Remote: a remote video collaboration support solution providing intelligent routing and cloud-based incident management for Android, iOS, Windows and smart glasses with live video and augmented reality.

How it works

REFLEKT Remote enables the expert to guide the technician by drawing and placing augmented instructions directly into the technician’s field of view. The platform also provides technicians with access to the global database containing previously solved problems from other colleagues.

Features & Benefits

  • Immediately connects Service Technicians to the right support expert
  • Works seamlessly on smartphones, tablets or smart glasses, such as Microsoft Hololens
  • Reduces downtimes on machines
  • Online and Offline annotations
  • Once-click Assistance
  • Augmented Reality – ‘see what the expert sees’
  • Platform as a service for B2B2C
  • Incident management
  • Avoids expensive travel costs for Service Technicians

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Before CAD-IT

  • Immediate interaction with smart devices
  • Live system solutions
  • Increases productivity – Reduces cost
  • Extensive knowledge gathering and sharing capacities

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