Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Move your business forward into the Digital Age. By consuming your existing 3D content, our solution offers realistic interaction with virtual content and integration of digital content into the real world.

There has been a polar shift in the last 10 years in how we access information. More and more there is a demand to access information faster and more directly. With our Mixed Reality solutions we help technicians and customers of your products to achieve this.

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    Using Augmented Reality technicians can complete procedures live and on the vehicle using Augmented Reality devices, this provides training and a 'live' system to work along. with. This reduces ambiguity and errors and provides 'just in time' training, this alleviates issues found with the de-skilling of knowledge from point of learning to point of practice.

  • Customers will be benefit by not having to sift through documentation to get the information required, automatic interaction with their smart phone or tablet and the product will automatically bring up the information they require.


CAD-IT has recently acquired specialist re-seller status with Canadian company CaseBank who are a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for complex equipment - and together we bring you SpotLight!

An advanced troubleshooting solution, SpotLight captures and shares field experience and best practices to quickly isolate the cause of defects and performance issues.

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Before CAD-IT

  • Immediate interaction with smart devices
  • Live system solutions
  • Increases productivity – Reduces cost
  • Extensive knowledge gathering and sharing capacities

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