Cortona3D Webinars - the story continues!

Episodes 2 and 3 in our Cortona3D webinar series have seen an unprecedented level of interest and engagement throughout December and January.

In Ep.2 'Authoring & Basic Publishing', we demonstrated how quickly you can take existing CAD data and produce a parts catalogue with simple part-ordering functionality. The section on how to explode assemblies and create section views, and how to generate illustrations to support printed manuals was particularly interesting, and we also covered some of the main benefits of using Rapid Author for your technical publications, namely:

  • Creating content much faster than with traditional tools
  • Automate formatting
  • Creating HTML and traditional printed formats at the same time

Episode 3 'Technician Parts Portal', subsequently demonstrated how content authored in RapidAuthor can be added to a technical portal and released for online viewing to an end user (in this case a technician), allowing parts ordering to occur and giving a single reference point to all technicians with a reliable, efficient ordering process.

All our webinars are available for catch-up on our YouTube channel where there are a whole range of other CAD-IT videos available.

Our next webinar, 'Episode 4: Engineering Update Process' on 14th February 2019 will focus on more ways that RapidAuthor can make drastic improvements to your business processes.

CAD-IT gains VAR status with TechSoft 3D.

In October 2017, CAD-IT were delighted to announce their collaboration with US company TechSoft 3D as an Approved Partner VAR selling their Tetra4D suite of 3D PDF products.

TechSoft 3D have recently introduced their Tetra4D suite of products which create a group of applications that work to integrate 3D PDFs into engineering, manufacturing, technical publications and other workflows.

The products, aptly named Tetra4D Enrich, Tetra4D Converter, Tetra4D Reader and Tetra4D Automate, convert native 3D CAD data into interactive 3D PDF documents. There is a 3D PDF creation tool that requires no special expertise to use and there is also a server version providing automatic and on-demand 3D PDF creation. Combined, these provide an application that’s as much a productivity aid as it is a communications toolset.

Tetra4D products can be used as stand-alone or as a full application which are suited equally to a small team or an extensive user base of thousands.

At a Glance: Tetra4D 2017

  • Latest edition of software suite for integrating 3D PDF into engineering and other technical workflows.
  • New support for 3D printing workflows, including the 3MF format.
  • New functionality for adding app-like searches of 3D data into interactive documents.
  • Updated CAD reader support; STEP reader/writer now supports validation properties.

CAD-IT has many years of experience supporting customers to improve their competitiveness through more effective use of fully integrated and intuitive 3D applications, and as these products have advanced and matured we’ve included the most newest and revolutionary products into our portfolio.

For a Free Trial of Tetra4D products please contact us at or click the link below: