Asset & Content Management

Content & Asset Management

Streamline and enhance the management of your content by using our class-leading solution which can be seamlessly and securely integrated with your business systems.

Businesses are increasingly re-focusing on the Service area as a means of improving performance, with the realisation that there are opportunities for significant gains with the right approach. By using a management solution your business can transform tracking and content re-use, thus improving the work streams across your organisation. This leads to a more efficient and agile content environment.

  • Content management is a fairly widely understood topic within businesses, but is often not deployed to maximum benefit in the production of technical documentation, despite it being perfect for this purpose. A good system and process can minimise duplication of effort and optimise any future update requirements.

  • Asset management will lead to a strong product “as maintained” record, against which a service record, and ultimately Live data reports can be stored. A distant-future plan for some businesses, but an increasingly ubiquitous across the board, it is important to recognise it as an approaching requirement, and ensure there is a strategy in place for “when the time comes”.

  • We have worked with many customers on Content and Asset Management, ensuring they get a flexible solution which allows a smooth transition from their current system, with a plan to progress when future requirements arrive.

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