Industrial IoT

Extend the power of internet connectivity into your business with an Industrial IoT as a service solution that is customizable, scalable and brings continuous insights and comprehensive analytics to unleash your digital potential 

Through our strategic partnership with Siemens we deliver a ground-breaking Industrial IoT platform, MindSphere®.

MindSphere is the leading Industrial IoT as a service solution that uses advanced analytics and AI to power IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud.

Implementing the IoT is no longer in the innovators part of the product maturity curve. As the risks associated with digitalization have dramatically dropped, companies are increasingly willing to take the first steps; early adoption will set the foundation for strategic business value long into the future.

Increasingly manufacturers are looking towards the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to alleviate the unique challenges that can often complicate the journey into digitalization. In the face of increasingly complex manufacturing processes, supply chain disruptions and rising customer expectations, adopting an Industrial IoT initiative such as MindSphere which leverages a wide range of apps and solutions has the potential to bring an array of benefits:

  • Lower costs and increased business flexibility
  • Massive productivity gains
  • Real-time insights to provide better business agility
  • Faster innovation
  • Reduced downtime and repair costs
  • Improved safety and compliance
  • Higher quality and efficiency

Many organizations that are new to the industrial IoT need help ensuring long term value and effectively implementing IoT applications. Our partnership with Siemens gives us the capability to provide expertise in both the industrial space and in IT, with significant experience developing digital automation solutions. Essentially, we can help our customers confidently plan and deploy IoT solutions that create new value for their business.

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