Achieve fast, efficient first-time fix with Casebank's troubleshooting solutions for complex equipment.

Move into the SpotLight®

Through our partnership with CaseBank Technologies – a division of ATP, and the leading provider of troubleshooting and diagnostic solutions for complex equipment - we can leverage CaseBank’s industry-leading SpotLight® technology to offer manufacturers worldwide the most advanced troubleshooting solution.

The SpotLight® interactive troubleshooting solution for complex equipment...

  • captures field experience and deploys best practices
  • guides service technicians and call center personnel to quickly isolate the root cause of defects and performance issues
  • empowers all service and support personnel to consistently perform like experts.




How it works

The SpotLight® solution consists of two components:

  • a diagnostic database that contains symptoms, causes and solutions for equipment defects
  • a diagnostic reasoning engine that uses this database to optimize the troubleshooting process.

The SpotLight® solution gathers information from multiple sources into a single location that can be updated quickly to reflect new and emerging failure modes and trends, and automatically generates troubleshooting / service reports.

SpotLight® can have a positive impact on so many areas of your business!

Quality, Cost and Efficiency

  • Reduces diagnostic time by 30% - 60%
  • Minimizes mean time to repair
  • Reduces no-fault-found parts
  • Improves first time fix rates
  • Increases equipment uptime
  • Reduces unscheduled removal rate
  • Improves equipment design and reliability
  • Improves dealer support
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Field Service

  • Faster diagnosis & repair (uptime)
  • Fewer repeat visits
  • Just-in-time training and support
  • Collaboration/shared expertise
  • Accurate/consistent maintenance reports
  • Shorter user learning curve
  • Quickly deploys best practices
  • #Accessible 24/7/365


  • Increases customer self-service
  • Faster support calls
  • Fewer repeat calls
  • Gathers and stores feedback from field in it's vast knowledge base


  • Improves failure reporting and corrective actions
  • Identifies failure modes and root causes; increases reliability
  • Early warning for emerging failure modes
  • Reduces product and service lifecycle costs
  • Captures field experience (repairs and performance)

Technical Publications

  • Faster publishing (creation and revision)
  • Standards-based documentation (S1000d, CSDB etc.)
  • Protects critical intellectual property
  • Knowledge capture and retention

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