3D PDF Suite of Applications.

Tetra4D 3D PDF Suite of Applications

Whether you're looking for a simple CAD to 3D PDF converter, or hoping to create rich, interactive 3D PDF, CAD IT and Tetra4D have you covered.

  • Provide support for all major CAD formats including NX, Catia, Solidworks Inventor and Pro/E
  • Allow you to easily add interactivity to your 3D PDF documents
  • Let you create advanced documents such as technical data packages, part lists, work instructions, maintenance manuals and design review

Tetra4D Converter

Tetra4D Converter is the world’s leading solution for converting native 3D CAD data into rich, interactive 3D PDF documents, including full support for precise solid geometry and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI). Tetra4D Converter combined with Adobe® Acrobat® Pro allow you to convert native 3D CAD data to 3D PDF from the latest versions of CATIA®, PTC® Creo, Pro/E, NX™, SolidEdge®, SolidWorks®, Autodesk® Inventor® and other major CAD formats. 3D PDF Conversion to neutral formats such as IGES, STEP, Parasolid, STL and JT is also a snap with this high value, affordable tool. Only Tetra4D Converter and Adobe Acrobat together allow you to control whether recipients of your 3D PDFs can measure, section, comment on or export 3D data from either Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader®.

Trust your 3D CAD data conversion to 3D PDF from the source. Tetra4D is Adobe’s exclusive provider of 3D PDF technology, guaranteeing 100% viewing compatibility with Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat—in addition to complying with 3D PDF ISO standards. And because Adobe Reader is installed on 98% of desktops worldwide, anyone who needs to view your 3D data already has all the software they need.

Features & Benefits at a glance:

  • Share CAD Data with anyone
  • Translate CAD Data
  • Fully controllable security options
  • Viewable in Acrobat® Reader
  • Transition from MBD to MBE
  • Team collaboration
  • Full representation of CAD Data in compressed file format
Tetra4D Converter

Tetra4D Enrich

Tetra4D Enrich is the only solution that allows anyone to create data rich, interactive 3D PDFs inside of Adobe® Acrobat® Pro without needing programming expertise. Quickly and easily create documents such as technical data package, engineering data release, design change notification, spare part catalog, sales and marketing presentations and requests for quote or proposal.

The interactive 3D PDF created with Tetra4D Enrich functions like an “app” that has all the data needed to support any workflow, even complex workflows related to the Model Based Enterprise (MBE/MBD), with all the product manufacturing information (PMI) needed to manufacture the product.

This cost-effective solution lets both CAD users and non-CAD users generate and share these critical documents, and allows anyone to view and interact with the documents using the ubiquitous Adobe© Reader©.

Features & Benefits at a glance:

  • Intelligent 3D PDF creation is available and easy for anyone
  • Interactively enhance your 3D PDF
  • Complete functionality of Tetra4D Converter
  • Efficient and affordable
  • Create advanced documentation
  • Combine all critical manufacturing information into one document
Tetra4D Enrich

Tetra4D Automate

Tetra4D Automate provides a simple, easy to deploy solution to automate the creation of rich, interactive 3D PDF documents automatically or on-demand. Utilizing highly customizable Tetra4D Enrich templates, companies can now automatically generate hundreds or thousands of consistent mission-critical documents such as Product Visualization, Engineering Data Release, Design Change Notifications and Parts Catalogs.

Realize the benefits of creating data-rich 3D PDFs to further streamline documentation and communication workflows, and efficiently scale 3D PDF usage in key manufacturing use cases with less IT effort and without the need for a costly and complex enterprise-level solution. Tetra4D Automate requires minimal customization, training and integration support, allowing companies to start using the product immediately without any interruption or downtime to their processes. Tetra4D Automate translates the same formats as Tetra4D Enrich and Tetra4D Converter with full support of assembly structure, PMI, views and CAD attributes.

Features & Benefits at a glance:

  • Fully scalable 3D PDF Creation
  • Simple, easy to deploy Server Solution
  • Leverage highly customizable Tetra4D
  • Enrich templates
  • On-demand Flexibility
  • Aggregate complete product information
Tetra4D Automate

Tetra4D Reader

Tetra4D Reader free mobile app extends the benefits of 3D PDF by making it possible to view and interact with intelligent 3D PDFs directly on your Android tablet or smartphone. Tetra4D Reader mobile app supports the interactive features of 3D PDFs created with Tetra4D Enrich and Tetra4D Automate, including 3D model and metadata interactions, carousel of views, interactive BOM and actions. Access multiple pages and multiple 3D annotations documents along with standard 3D features like sectioning, projection mode and access to views.

With Tetra4D Reader mobile app for Android your Design Review, design change notification, spare parts catalog or product presentation can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from the shop floor to the customer’s door.