Augmented Reality is rapidly making its way into numerous industries and business areas. Our webinars highlight a variety of use cases showing how beneficial, adaptable and easy to adopt AR can be.

Our second webinar will focus on how REFLEKT ONE Viewer uses Augmented Reality to enable and enhance training, maintenance and inspection procedures. Discover how REFLEKT ONE Viewer can provide employees with interactive training and enhanced maintenance and inspection procedures by visualizing information directly in the real-world environment.

Improved understanding and knowledge retention via interactive and immersive functionality.
Increases learning performance.
Improves trainee engagement.
Provides greater motivation to learn.

Maintenance & Inspection
Make evidence-based decisions using IoT sensor data.
Deliver rich content direct to technicians.
Increased fix rates.
Increased productivity.

Date: Thursday 23rd April 2020

Time: 10.30 EST/15.30 BST