Cortona3D Webinars

Cortona3D RapidAuthor is a technical authoring suite capable of the rapid production of content required to support your products – from prototype, manufacture and assembly, through to service, maintenance, parts and owner/operator instructions.

We're now into Series 2 of our short webinars, and Episode 2 will show how quickly we can take existing CAD data and produce a documented service procedure. We’ll give you a simple demonstration of how to detail disassembly and assembly, how to add additional information and assets, and how we generate illustrations to support printed manuals.


  • Create content much faster than with traditional tools
  • Automate formatting
  • Deliver advanced features such as labour time calculation, activity recording and service logs
  • Create HTML and traditional printed formats at the same time

Date: 28th March 2019

Time: 1500 GMT

Duration: 20 minutes