Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

Offering intuitive, interactive, ultra-rich Technical Documentation solutions to boost efficiency and improve cost.

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Technical documentation is historically a last consideration for many businesses, and yet it's currently one of the biggest opportunities for business improvement since the costs associated with Service can be a significant consideration. CAD-IT recommend solutions that boost efficiency in creating traditional 2D and 3D (interactive) output for better connectivity with your Technicians.

  • Structured authoring (in XML) gives significant gains through data reuse by sharing common data elements, and CAD re-use allows your documentation to be authored with connection to the digital assembly.

  • Printed 2D documentation is fast becoming a secondary requirement to businesses, and primary interactive (or 3D) documentation is significantly improving technician performance (by making the information clearer and more intuitive).

  • A move from traditional documentation authoring to the correct structured authoring process often produces a cost and time improvement of 50-80%. In addition the authoring can be started further upstream in the process, allowing for higher quality and more progressive authoring and validation.

Our core products

Teamcenter CMS

Teamcenter brings document processes into the PLM environment, synchronizing them with product development processes and keeping content up-to-date with product changes.

Cortona3D RapidAuthor

Driving the creation of technical publications content directly from a CAD / PLM data within a single environment to create enhanced quality outputs in multiple rich media formats including .pdf, html and iOS.


CAD-IT's newest partner Tetra4D provides easy to use, dependable and fully integrative 3D PDF conversion solutions at an advanced level, as Adobe's exclusive provider of native 3D PDF technology.

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