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Create highly personalised Customer Portals to host all of your Technical Documentation, including Spare Parts and Repair manuals, to interact with your customers quickly and easily.

Service Portals are designed to allow your technicians to access live, up-to-date and comprehensive documentation relating to your products. Combined with a 3D interactive technical publications package, this provides a very powerful tool in the service toolbox.

  • From this technical documentation portal, technicians can access parts information for specific products, and submit orders and RFQs immediately, based upon live and current product configuration. With the streamlined ordering process, risk of errors can be eliminated in many areas, and revenue can rise from increased sales.

  • Interactive service documentation can also be presented, allowing technicians to view intuitive documentation relating to their product, leading to similar improvements in efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

  • Solutions can be configured to your specific requirements and tailored to meet your branding or existing e-Commerce systems. It can also can offer variant and serial driven filtering, cross-document linking, data feedback and data acquisition.

  • A portal is designed to be a single and central reference point for users and technicians.

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