Advanced Intelligent Diagnostics

Interactive Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Innovative solution for troubleshooting complex equipment that helps field service personnel and customer support significantly improve first-time-fix rates and considerably reduces equipment down-time and repair costs.

As products are becoming increasingly complex and the amount of possible faults is increasing there is a need to guide the Technicians to the correct solution, first time.

  • Our solution enables Technicians of all levels to get to the fix, faster. By case based reasoning and an organically expanding knowledge base, Technicians will be able to access a live system which contains all known solutions across the network.

  • The system is intelligent and analyses live data to continually change and adapt the outputs, as issues arise in the field our system will then alter the solutions offered based on a multitude of criteria. Overall this greatly improves speed of diagnosis and quality of repair.


CAD-IT is a specialist re-seller for Canadian company CaseBank Technologies who are a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for complex equipment - and together we bring you SpotLight®!

An advanced troubleshooting solution, SpotLight captures and shares field experience and best practices to quickly isolate the cause of defects and performance issues.

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Before CAD-IT

  • Improves diagnosis speed
  • Boosts repair quality
  • Saves time and money
  • Intellectual system using live data

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