Create 3D interactive technical documentation, including parts catalogues, repair manuals, work instructions, and training materials, by leveraging your existing CAD data.

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We believe the key to effective product documentation for complex equipment is the reuse of existing 3D engineering and product data, for the creation of interactive 3D technical publications. Whether it's for maintenance, customer support, operational procedure's or training, better documentation can increase efficiencies and reduce down time - in turn delivering a strong return on investment (ROI) for your business.


Time and cost-saving by reuse of existing assets

Easy-to-use and intuitive: no CAD experience required

A single environment for 3D and 2D graphics and text authoring

Flexible and configurable authoring tools

Protection of the company’s engineering data



The RapidManual component of the RapidAuthor Suite allows you to develop interactive 3D digital technical manuals, operating procedures, and assembly work instructions. Driven by released engineering data, for operations, service, maintenance, and repair. Using 3D simulations to show complex mechanical procedures. Users can play and pause simulations, rotate, zoom and view assemblies and parts from different angles.

RapidManual is a component of RapidAuthor. You can purchase RapidManual as a standalone product.


The RapidCatalog component of the RapidAuthor Suite allows for the fast and easy creation of 3D Illustrated Parts Catalogs. Using easy to understand 3D explosions to portray complex assemblies that users can rotate, zoom, and view parts from different angles. Its got an interactive environment with drill-down navigation to improve user experience and put an end to ordering and purchasing errors.

RapidCatalog is a component of RapidAuthor. You can purchase RapidCatalog as a standalone product.


The RapidLearning component of the RapidAuthor Suite allows you to produce digital interactive training applications using animated 3D simulations. Combining existing CAD assets with training documentation to generate visually realistic and interactive learning. Guiding you through the production process with a complete RapidLearning simulation.

RapidLearning is a component of RapidAuthor. You can purchase RapidLearning as a standalone product and it can be integrated with exsiting SCROM-compliant Learning Management Systems too.


The RapidIllustrator component of the RapidAuthor Suite is tailored toward the creation of 3D and 2D illustrations from 3D geometry for manufacturing and after-sales documentation such as parts catalogs and procedures. Allowing for the import of 3D models in various CAD formats, the user can quickly set up 3D scenes, assemblies and viewpoints before generating 2D images.

RapidIllustrator is a component of RapidAuthor. You can purchase RapidIllustrator as a standalone product. RapidIllustrator comes with Cortona2D Editor Pro to edit generated 2D images.

Parts Catalogues

Maintenance Manuals

Training Manuals

Work Instruction

Operations Manuals


  • Authoring of parts catalogs
  • Authoring of maintenance and repair manuals and work instructions
  • Authoring of learning courses
  • Reuse existing CAD data.
  • Authoring of interactive 3D/2D graphics and text in a single application
  • Support for industry standards such as DITA, ATA2200, S1000D, SCORM
  • Authoring of multi-language publications
  • API for integration with third-party CMS, PLM, and other systems
  • API for integration of publications into third-party web applications
  • Update of 2D and 3D graphics when engineering or PLM data change
  • Publish to HTML5, PDF and use in IETM/IETP systems,  Augmented Reality, and other customer applications

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