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We can support you in addressing the every-day manufacturing and service related challenges of your business, through our unrivalled expertise and comprehensive portfolio of industry 4.0 solutions including Industrial Internet of Things, Interactive 3D Technical publications, Mixed Reality, Guided Diagnostics, and Service Engineering. 

Technical Content

Enhance your technical documentation with 3D Interactive Technical Content Solutions. 

Service Lifecycle Management

Reduce complexity, maximise uptime and increase service revenue.

Industrial Internet of Things

Facilitate data driven decision making to improve factory operations. 

Interactive Diagnostics

Improve first-time-fix rates and repair costs whilst reducing equipment down-time. 

Mixed Reality (XR) Technology

Improve productivity, enable better knowledge transfer and enhance safety. 

Technical Content Outsourcing

Access a team of experienced authors to develop your technical documentation. 

Equipment Overview Dashboard

Introducing NodeLinx EPM

Find out more about CAD-IT's new Factory Equipment Monitoring solution, NodeLinx EPM.

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Over the past 30 years CAD-IT has supported thousands of businesses to meet the ever changing demands of their industries, address growing expectations of customers and adapt to the developing technology landscape around them. Our experienced team of technology and industry experts enables us to provide expert consultancy and invaluable training every step of the way.

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