An easy-to-use Mixed Reality (MR) solution for industrial business that creates immersive digital visualisations and detailed work instruction at full scale and in context, from your existing 3D CAD data.

Revolutionise Industrial Operations.

CAD-IT have developed an Industrial Mixed Reality solution which presents highly visual, interactive digital information such as work instructions, procedures and critical information by overlaying content onto a real-world work environment.

Our solution gives workers the ability to visualise critical data in context, using existing CAD or product data from their authoring system as an input to generate interactive digital visualisations in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Simply speaking, you can superimpose important information such as graphics, text or 3D models into your workplace environment, be it a factory floor, office or even production line. Seeing data in context of your physical surroundings allows you to understand and learn a process or procedure before performing it, dramatically improving efficiency and productivity, In turn reducing likelihood of errors, enhancing safety and streamlining many other processes.

Mixed Reality for Manufacturing

By leveraging this technology manufacturers can enhance task accuracy and minimise machine downtime, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and productivity.

What is Mixed Reality (MR)?

Mixed reality (MR) is the combination of both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to create a blended environment where digital content interacts with the real world. Through Digital Twin technology, Mixed Reality allows you to interact with virtual objects as if they were in the real world. Offering a unique immersive experience to trial procedures, experiment with fixes and learn processes without risk or impact to your operation.

But what about Extended Reality (XR)?

Sometimes you'll come across the term Extended Reality (XR for short), which is just an umbrella term that encompasses all immersive technologies that extend or augment reality through computer-generated enhancements. CAD-IT's solution is a mixture of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, which is why we refer to it as Mixed Reality (MR) or sometimes Extended Reality (XR).


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Empower your frontline workforce with the information they need, when and where they really need it.  

Give your workers the ability to visualise critical data and information in context, providing them the confidence to complete tasks and procedures.

Augmented Reality for Automotive Industry
Augmented Reality Concept within Manufacturing

Improve accuracy of tasks and reduce machine downtime.

Detailed work instruction and digital visualisations work together to give clear and easy to follow guidance that anyone can follow. Speeding up maintenance and repairs and dramatically improving accuracy.

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Operational Inefficiency

The information you need, exactly when you need it. The application of MR drives entirely new levels of workforce productivity, intelligently serving you the correct information only when you need it.

Talent Shortages

Use MR to re-educate the industry and create more specialised labourers. Delivering consistent standardised training and product information on demand and on the job.

Knowledge Gaps

Bridging the knowledge gap, providing real-time, 3D visual context that gives workers the confidence and information they need to execute tasks to the same high standard as experienced colleagues.

Outdated Documentation

Say goodbye to outdated tools and old documentation. Implementing MR alongside your existing PLM, CAD or TIS software, your workers can access real-time, interactive digital work tools which reduce search times and boost productivity.

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