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Introducing NodeLinx

Discover NodeLinx, an Equipment Performance Monitoring solution from CAD-IT. Monitor your factory conditions anywhere, anytime, and facilitate data-driven decision-making to improve everyday challenges of factory operations.

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Experience enhanced productivity with NodeLinx—where smarter monitoring means better results.

Your go-to solution for keeping an eye on the performance and condition of your machinery, 24/7. Giving your production and maintenance teams, along with factory managers, the crucial insights needed to prevent costly machine stoppages, enhance performance, and boost output quality.

Factory Managers


For the factory manager who lack's insight into the day-to-day of factory operations.

Factory Supervisors


Providing supervisors with visibility of what is causing bottlenecks.

Production Managers

manager 2

Production managers gain insight into if their machines are working optimally.



Engineers analyse downtime causes, carrying out fixes quickly and effectively.

Data acquisition

Establish systems for collecting comprehensive conditional data for analysis, integrating operator feedback information to ensure precise and accurate data insights.

Centralised System

Integrate production floor machines
in a global factory for effective real time monitoring and enhanced data

Condition Monitoring

Implement real-time machine
condition monitoring that includes
downtime analysis, alarms, and
stoppage alerts.

Anomaly detection

Utilise anomaly detection systems
to identify irregularities in the
production process.

Planned Maintenance

Establish a systematic maintenance
strategy to optimise machine

Time To Failure (TTF)

Implement machine failure
prediction and monitoring.

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Introducing NodeLinx, CAD-IT’s new Equipment Performance Monitoring solution. Want to learn more? Simply download this handy guide.

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Think big, start small, scale fast.

Designed to scale, Nodelinx offers flexibility, compatibility and robust data management capabilities.

Our strategic approach means we will work with you to identify a roadmap for outstanding equipment performance and operational effectiveness. Implementing a small-scale pilot project enabling you to validate the technology, processes and benefits to your business. We'll then collect feedback from the initial pilot project to refine processes and expand deployment across your entire factory operation.

Talk to us about Equipment Performance Monitoring with NodeLinx.

Monitor your factory conditions, anywhere, anytime with NodeLinx EPM from CAD-IT.