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NodeLinx Info Sheet

NodeLinx Info Sheet Banner

This PDF provides an overview of NodeLinx, CAD-IT's Equipment Performance Monitoring solution and latest addition to the product portfolio. 

IIoT OEE on demand masterclass

On demand IIoT OEE Masterclass

This bite size masterclass is aimed at helping businesses to improve productivity and increase efficiency of their operations.

Unleashing the industrial Metaverse

The Industrial Metaverse

Find out why everyone is talking about the industrial Metaverse, and what that means for the future of manufacturing.

The Future of XR for Training

XR for Training Guide Download

Learn why training is the most popular use case for the application of XR technology amongst manufacturing and enterprise businesses.


The Industrial Internet of Things, Simplified.

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This short guide explains the Industrial Internet of Things, and takes you through realistic applications for your industrial business. 

The Industrial Internet of Things for F&B

IIoT for Food and Beverage Content Download

Gain a better understanding of how the Industrial Internet of Things is benefitting the Food & Beverage industry. 

Mixed Reality Information Sheet

XR info sheet download

This 2 page info sheet will provide you with information on XR technology, how it works, use cases and benefits. 

CAD-IT Solutions & Services overview

Industrial 4.0 Solutions and Service Download

Download this free guide to learn more about CAD-IT and our range of Industry 4.0 solutions and services.

Outsourcing your technical documentation

Free content download for 'outsourcing your technical documentation' pdf

Considering outsourcing your technical documentation requirements? This PDF will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

Reduce costs across the service lifecycle

Reduce costs across the service lifecycle of your business, content download.

Better manage the maintenance and repair of assets and machinery, all whilst maximising productivity and profitability.