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The Industrial Internet of Things, Simplified

This short guide explains the Industrial Internet of Things, and guides you through realistic applications for your industrial business.

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Outsourcing Your Technical Documentation

Considering outsourcing for your technical documentation requirements? This PDF will provide you with the information you need to get started.

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Reduce costs across the Service Lifecycle

Better manage the maintenance and repair of assets and machinery all whilst maximising productivity and profitability.

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Download this free guide to learn more about CAD-IT and our range of industry 4.0 solutions and services.

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Reduce costs and downtime through better Technical Documentation

A 30 minute webinar that talks you through the benefits of Technical Documentation for your business, and how you can begin to reduce costs as a result.

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Cortona3D Rapid Author Illustrated Spare Parts Catalog Demo

This 4:25 minute video walks you through the Cortona3D Rapid Author Illustrated Spare Parts Catalog and it's capabilities.

WEBINAR Why your business needs better technical documentation

Why your business needs better Technical Documentation

A short webinar that takes you through the benefits of 3D Technical Documentation and how this software can make your process more efficient.

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Service Lifecycle Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This short video talks you through some frequently asked questions around the topic of Service Lifecycle Management (SLM).

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Simple IOT for Industry: Energy Management Webinar

Understand how The Industrial Internet of Things can help you to achieve your Energy Management targets.

Teamcenter Content Managment

Reduce time publishing Technical Documentation with Teamcenter Content Management

Teamcenter Content Management can help you save time publishing your Technical Documentation, and ultimately save your business money.​