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Can The Internet of Things really help your industrial business?

Firstly, what is the Internet of Things? 

IoT has had a revolutionary impact on almost every industry and sector on an international scale. In basic terms, the Internet of things (IoT) are ‘things’ that connect to the internet.  These ‘Things’ are physical devices that are connected to each other via the internet, meaning smart devices can communicate with one another through signals being sent or data being shared between them. 

Industrial internet of things.

users to automatically collect, share and utilise valuable data like never before. The application of smart technology and improved artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly widespread within businesses. The use of IoT technology in organisations is not dissimilar to the home in many ways. IoT devices record and exchange data to monitor crucial processes, which provides new insights, improves efficiency, and allows businesses to make more informed, smarter decisions. 

Now for how IoT can benefit your business… 

Improved Inventory Management 

IoT drastically improves your business’s ability to monitor and manage inventory processes with ease and little hassle. IoT increasingly makes it possible to track and manage items automatically and improve overall warehousing and logistics efforts. This comprehensive method is more efficient than the expensive task of workers manually scanning and keeping track of inventory, and a lot less error prone too. 

Reduced Maintenance Costs

We all know that the maintenance of machinery can be costly and difficult to stay on top of. With IoT you can utilise predictive technology which makes the management of routine maintenance and fixes a doddle. You’re alerted to technical errors and faults in real time so that productivity is not affected, and any potential technical fault can be fixed quickly. This also means maintenance tasks can be proactive and only when necessary, rather than planned and sometimes unnecessary. This effective solution will see expenses reduced, and productivity increased as a direct result.  

Efficiency and Productivity Improvements

By connecting your companies’ key processes, you will quickly begin to identify new ways to boost efficiency and productivity. At CAD-IT we work closely with you to identify use cases specific to your business, providing valuable consultation and advice that will transform ways of working for the better.  

Automated Services

Tired of manual, time-consuming processes? IoT technology could be the game-changer you have been looking for. There are many ways that automating process with IoT can help your business. 
  1. Preventative Maintenace – IIoT sensors in equipment, can signal when things start to go wrong rather than when issues grow more costly. For example, instead of scheduling maintenance in time intervals, you can use sensors in the equipment to create work orders automatically when a part is underperforming. 
  2. Analyse Data – With all the information that IIoT devices can collect, manufacturers can analyse data to improve processes. Access to data about performance can inform production best practices and guide manufacturers to establish more effective preventive maintenance. 
  3. Automatically Inspect Equipment – Diagnostics and reporting sensors can make forgotten or even late inspections irrelevant. No need to send out engineers to inspect assets, this can all be viewed through a digital portal. 
  4. Improved Scheduling – IIoT sensors can be built into each tool so that users have visibility into which parts they need and can schedule work for when the parts or the right technicians are available. 

Asset Monitoring 

Capturing equipment effectiveness and asset health data from assets maximises the efficiency and delivery of operations. This could mean monitoring utilisation, speed, temperature, vibration, pressure, or other metrics to ensure assets are available and productive. IoT technology can help prevent any loss of equipment or valuable goods and ensure timely delivery.  

Energy Management 

Rising energy prices are negatively impacting margins in businesses across many industries. Coupled with this, many businesses are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainability targets. 

Utilising an IoT service solution for energy management, businesses can visualise energy flows and consumption values for various processes in detail and identify why changes have occurred. Evaluate implemented efficiency measures, optimise energy procurement, and compare energy efficiency across plants and locations whilst also supporting compliance with the statutory regulations required by ISO 50001. 

Enhanced Remote Working Options
IoT enables users and employees to share information and collaborate effectively no matter where they are located with ease. Through IoT, important data is collected and updated continuously and easily, meaning this information can easily be shared with all relevant team members. 

IoT and Digital Transformation 

These are just some of the benefits to be had from implementing IoT technology as part of a wider digital transformation strategy. 

Furthermore IoT is a key component within all 4 types of digital transformation: 

  1. Process Transformation – companies can revise internal processes to lower costs, improve quality and reduce cycle times. 
  2. Business Model Transformation – changing the way companies deliver values by switching from a sales and support model to to XaaS, where the “X” may be hardware, storage capacity or applications 
  3. Domain Transformation -redefining products and services by extending current services to a new customer base or develop entirely new technology-enabled offerings. 
  4. Cultural/Organizational Transformation – by embracing a digital first culture, decision making becomes de-centralised and there is a shift to more agile workflows as processes get redefined and streamlined through digitalisation 

Concluding that IoT technology creates new opportunities for businesses to enhance their productivity and efficiency, the Internet of Things really can help your business. Most use cases for the IoT surround efficiency, productivity, and process monitoring, we are increasingly seeing businesses recognise the need for it to provide them with relevant information.  

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