Cortona3D enables car wash manufacturer to generate efficient and cost effective parts catalogs.


Cost savings in parts catalog production


Reduction in parts catalog production time

Order process has become more efficient and more reliable

Automatic Brush Car Wash. Car Washing Closeup.

CAD-IT worked with car wash manufacturer ISTOBAL, S.A to generate efficient and cost effective parts catalogs.

ISTOBAL is a family owned business established in 1950 based in Valencia Spain that manufactures lubricating equipment and car wash systems. The company has grown from a small vehicle repair shop to the second largest manufacturer of car wash systems in Europe. It is the 4th largest car wash manufacturer in the world exporting products to more than 62 countries and employing more than 500 workers.

The Challenge

ISTOBAL has a worldwide network of technical customer service centres, commercial distributors and authorized workshops. Every unit in their network requires assembly information for the equipment they manufacture in addition to training materials.

ISTOBAL needed to implement a solution that enabled them to create their spare catalogs quickly and easily. These spare catalogs needed to contain all versions of their product models as well as a variety of language versions. A major requirement for ISTOBAL was an efficient document updating process. ISTOBAL, using only the latest components in their manufacturing process, needed to be able to publish IPCs both quickly and regularly.

The target was for published IPCs to allow users to find an assembly and all its relevant information in a fast, easy and secure manner online or on portable devices.

The Solution

ISTOBAL have decided to implement the Cortona3D RapidAuthor suite for the production of their spare parts catalogs. A major factor in the decision has been the ability of RapidAuthor to import Siemens NX files directly and re-use the full design assembly. This enables them to interactively navigate through the 3D assembly. rather than relying on the 2D graphics to find parts. Functionality for revisions, modifications and localisation played a vital part also The technical customer service team now have the most up-todate parts catalogs. These include all the part variants thus improving the search for part numbers and assembly instructions.

The Results

The results for ISTOBAL since the implementation of the Cortona3D RapidAuthor suite are considerable.

They have succeeded in reducing the parts catalog production time by 80%. In addition they have saved 60% of their costs over every aspect of their process. Equally important for ISTOBAL is the quality and reliability of their product documentation to their worldwide network of customer service centres commercial distributors and authorised workshops. By providing them with localised, interactive 3D documentation their order process has become more efficient and more reliable thus facilitating excellence of service.

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