Industrial IoT as a service.

Empowering the factories of tomorrow with Mindsphere®, the industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens.

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Getting started is simple.

We're here to show you just how straight-forward it is to apply the powerful capabilities of Siemens Mindsphere® to your industrial organisation. Whether it's a realistic application to solve a present-day challenge, or a visionary solution for the future transformation, our team of experts are on hand to support you every step of the way - no matter the size of the project.

Eight IoT use cases.

Here's some of our top use-cases that industries can implement to add the most value and return-on-investment to their business.

Asset Performance Management
Quickly react to anomalies with real-time alerts that indicate the need for action, monitor equipment heath and OEE.

Condition Monitoring
Proactively identify production line issues and reduce unscheduled downtime through remote and real-time condition monitoring. 

Predictive Maintenance
Proactively maintain machines to prolong their lifecycle, improving productivity and reducing maintenance costs. 

New Revenue Channels
Offer maintenance as a service to open new revenue channels, providing real time visibility to your customers.

Energy Management
Identify peaks or dips in energy usage, better understand how individual machines and processes are contributing to overall energy consumption.

Digital Twin
Receive real data to supplement your virtual models. Use this data to see how close actual performance is to what was expected, reducing the risks and costs associated with adjusting machines and processes

Inventory, warehouse and supply chain management
Manage supplies and inventory at all manufacturing locations, Optimize space and minimize costs by perfecting just-in-time (JIT) inventory and resource forecasting.

New business model – products as a service
Adding technology to your products opens up a new sales channel: products as a service. This means you can start leasing your machines and charging based on usage.

Through our strategic partnership with Siemens we deliver a ground-breaking Industrial IoT platform, MindSphere®. 

Many organisations that are new to industrial IoT and need help ensuring long term value and effectively implementing IoT applications. Our partnership with Siemens gives us the capability to provide expertise in both the industrial space and in IT, with significant experience developing digital automation solutions. Essentially, we can help our customers confidently plan and deploy IoT solutions that create new value for their business.

  1. Lower costs and increased business flexibility
  2. Massive productivity gains
  3. Real-time insights to provide better business agility
  4. Faster innovation
  5. Reduced downtime and repair costs
  6. Improved safety and compliance
  7. Higher quality and efficiency

Achieve break through digitalisation within your industry sector.

Connecting the unconnected. Mindsphere, the Industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens offers new ways to drive efficiencies, develop greater insights and reduce risk.



A guide to Mindsphere®


Inside: A guide to understanding Siemens industrial IoT solution Mindsphere®

8 use-cases for manufacturing

8 IoT use cases for manufacturing cover 2

Inside: The top use cases manufacturers can implement to add value and ROI to their business

Condition Monitoring Infographic

condition monitoring infographic

Inside: Understand how to maximise profitability and productivity with condition monitoring

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